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Need a voice for your explainer video? My voice is youthful but mature. What kind of voice over do you need? Friendly, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, amusing, energetic, professional, genuine, natural, animated? Do you need a young adult male or middle aged male? 

Let me give your words life!

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Clients include:
Resource Guru
Pam Ann Marketing
Live Agent
Post Affilate Pro
Web Proof
Geo Travel
News Canada

And many more…

I offer quick turnaround, competitive rates, and am committed to providing an exceptional client experience.

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I’ve Met Your Competition

Golden graph chartThere’s no question the voice over business is a competitive one. I do this full-time. I believe I do a great job for my clients. I’m grateful for the success I’ve already achieved and for the success I know is in my future.

But I struggle.

It’s hard. There are thousands upon thousands of other very talented people with microphones and computers and studios and voices.

My competition.

Your competition.

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Why Some People Make More Money In Voice Over

gold rush yukonI love watching the gold mining shows on TV. Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold on Discovery. Bamazon on History.

The idea of a bunch of out of work guys throwing caution to the wind and risking it all to strike it rich makes for a great story. I find myself watching intently and cheering them on each week. I’ve even had some quick conversations with a few of the guys via Twitter. I really do hope they all hit the jackpot.

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Not Satisfied With Your Voice Over Career? Try This…

You don’t book enough work.

You don’t make enough money.

You don’t have any big clients.

You don’t get any high paying gigs.

You don’t have enough auditions.

There are all kinds of things you aren’t happy about in your voice over career. All kinds of things you’d like to see changed.

Let me ask you something. What are you doing to about it?

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This is a promo video voice over project I completed for CCleaner Professional. I booked the job through It was produced by Chili Gum Videos.

Do you need a voice over? Let me give your words life!

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Voice Over Is Not About You. It’s About Them.

I started watching the new cooking competition show The Taste on ABC. I love watching some of the cooking competitions. I live vicariously through the dishes of the chefs and home cooks and aspire to cook just like them one day.

While watching a couple episodes, I noticed there seemed to be two different groups cooking. I’m not talking about the professional chefs and home cooks either. Two other groups. Perhaps a little more subtle. Not everyone would pick up on them.

There were those who cooked for themselves.

Then there were those who cooked for the judges.

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