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Need a voice over?

You need a voice over. You need it to be on time, on budget and professional. You don’t need to sift through dozens of auditions. You don’t need need hassles or headaches. I can give you what you need!

I’m a full-time professional non-union male voice talent working from home. I offer competitive rates, quality recordings, quick turnaround and hassle free service.

Whether you need a voice for an explainer video, radio commercial, TV commercial, voicemail greeting or on hold system, training or eLearning video or promotional piece for your product, service, business or brand, I can help.

My voice is youthful but mature. What kind of voiceover do you need? Friendly, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, amusing, energetic, professional, genuine, natural, animated, professional, authoritative, confident? Do you need a young adult male or middle aged male? 

Let me give your words life!

For rates, demos and contact information, visit

You’ve got a really great product, service or idea. Now you just need a way to tell everyone about it. I can help with that!

Let me give your words life with a professional voice over for a video, radio or TV commercial or on hold message.

Find out how at

Need A Voiceover This Weekend?

It’s Friday afternoon and that means the weekend. For some.

But not everyone.

Are you working on a last minute project you need to have completed by Monday?

Maybe there is no such thing as a weekend in your world and you just go seven days a week to get things done. If you’re looking for someone who can work with you on a Friday night or who will record a voiceover for you on a Saturday, I’m your guy.

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